This Pop Thing…


This Pop Thing is Starting to Make Sense

So, it finally happened.

I actually discovered that I like a Taylor Swift song.

One day while Taylor and I were on a road trip, I fell asleep in the car.  I woke up, and heard this song on the radio… I asked, “What is this?!”

Taylor started laughing… “Really?!”

“Yes!  Really!  Who is this?  I really like it.”

“It’s Taylor Swift!”

I was stunned.  I couldn’t believe it.  I’ve heard other Taylor Swift songs.  None of them have ever impressed me or even grabbed me.  However… “Blank Space” is absolutely incredible.  I’ve been obsessed with the song ever since.

Anyway… They say it happens to folks all the time…  I, however, did not suffer an episode of vertigo.

This Pop Thing Is Getting Really Really Really Really Out of Control

I’m a regular reader of Pitchfork.  Recently a friend of mine sent me this write-up on the latest “gem” by Carly Rae Jepsen.

The amount of time and depth of discussion about this song is simply laughable.  The fact that these folks get paid to pontificate about Carly Rae Jepsen is really really really hilarious.  CRJ (as the kids refer to her) doesn’t represent any change in feminism.  CRJ doesn’t represent any populist movement in today’s music landscape.  CRJ does not represent anything on a larger cultural scale.  If you even think about arguing with me, please do not utter the words “gender roles,” or I will probably hurt you.

This is a formulaic pop song.  That’s it.

And this song really, really, really, really, really lacks substance.  It sounds like it was written by a female contestant on The Bachelor.    

Give me Haim.

Give me Chvrches.

Give me Twin Shadow trying to recreate Foreigner’s greatest moment.

Give me “Blank Space.”

Give me this.  Or, yes, even this.

I have a feeling that two years from now, I’ll hear this song in a shopping mall somewhere and ask aloud, “Is that the new Carly Rae Jepsen song?”  And my wife will say, “Ummm… No.  That’s the one she put out two years ago.”  And then we’ll argue about it for ten minutes because that’s how really, really, really, really, really forgettable this track is to me.

This Pop Thing Is a Science

No.  Apparently, it really is science…

Listen to this feature from Studio 360 (it begins at the 22 minute mark)…

This Pop Thing Is Art

Todd Rundgren… 

Randy Newman… 

Father John Misty.

I’ve really been enjoying his new album – I Love You, Honeybear.  It’s definitely one of the finest releases so far this year.

Watch this brilliant performance from last year…  It’s equal parts Don McLean and Andy Kaufman.


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